City Releases Findings of Deadly Chase Review

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CLEVELAND — Mayor Frank Jackson joined Safety Director Martin Flask on Wednesday to present the findings of an administrative review into the deadly police chase in Cleveland last November, the city announced Wednesday.

The review studied the facts regarding the Cleveland police officers and supervisors who had a role in the pursuit and compared the facts to the department’s policies and procedures.

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Based on the findings, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath will determine whether the officers involved in the pursuit will be disciplined. However, the city did not announce the potential violations today, citing an open criminal investigation, the release said.

On November 29, 13 officers fired 137 shots at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams after a 22-minute police chase concluded in East Cleveland.

The officers have said they believed the suspects were armed and feared for their lives.

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Kara Sutyak April 24, 20133:53 pm

The police union chief has said the pursuit was the perfect chase. The chief said he did not believe it was the perfect chase.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20133:48 pm

Chief McGrath says it’s his commitment that the process will be fair; he asks the community for patience in resolving this “terrible tragedy.”

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20133:29 pm

City police officials say 18 minutes after pursuit started, 54 cruisers were involved in the chase.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20133:17 pm

At 10:48 p.m. radio dispatched that the passenger had a red pop can in their hands.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20133:14 pm

An officer radioed at 10:46 p.m. that the passenger did not have a gun but was wearing black gloves.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:54 pm

First district cars terminate pursuit at 10:38 p.m.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:50 pm

The 3rd district supervisor ordered officers to terminate the pursuit at 10:35 p.m.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:43 pm

Officials say the suspects’ car was driving about 66 miles per hour when it went past the Justice Center.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:35 pm

The first phase of the pursuit started at 10:27 p.m. when an officer attempted to pull the suspects’ car over.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:28 pm

Surveillance video of chase being played

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:27 pm

3rd district radio recordings being played out from that evening

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:16 pm

Presentation begins to go over what happened Nov. 29, 2012

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:16 pm

The internal review is only on the pursuit. The shooting is still being reviewed by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:14 pm

Flask: “The chief and his staff reviewed the actions and conduct of all officers on duty that night. This review was extensive and time-consuming. The chief interviewed 159 officers and supervisors.” The BCI statements were also reviewed.

Kara Sutyak April 24, 20132:12 pm

Martin Flask: “The primary questions were: Was the pursuit properly supervised? Was the number of officers involved limited as required? And, of course, was the use of force necessary to protect the lives and safety of the officers?”