VIDEO: Shootout Involving Bombing Suspects

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(CNN) — “Some 200 rounds” of gunfire were exchanged during the overnight firefight in Watertown, Massachusetts, involving police and suspects in this week’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings, Gov. Deval Patrick said Friday evening.

*The shootout can be heard above*

Police, who were tracking the vehicle using its built-in GPS system, picked up the chase in Watertown. The pursuit went into a residential neighborhood, with the suspects throwing explosives at the police. A firefight erupted and ultimately one suspect — later identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev — got out of the car. Police shot him, and his brother ran over him as he drove away, according to the source.

A source briefed on the investigation said Tamerlan Tsarnaev was wearing explosives and an explosive trigger. He died later at Beth Israel Hospital.

Richard H. Donohue Jr., 33, a three-year veteran of the transit system police force, was shot and wounded in the incident and taken to a hospital, a transit police spokesman said Friday. The officer’s condition was not immediately known.

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