TIMELINE: Search For Boston Suspects

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By Mariano Castillo, CNN

(CNN) — Two men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people may have terrorized the area a second time overnight. The latest developments:

*The man known as “Suspect 1″ in the bombings was shot and killed by officers in an exchange of gunfire, Gov. Deval Patrick said.

*Several sources tell CNN that the dead suspect has been identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, age 26.

*”Suspect 2,” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts is at large in the Boston suburb of Watertown, where dozens of officers from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have fanned out to track him down.

*The suspects were brothers, a terrorism expert briefed on the investigation said.

*The suspects are originally from the Russian Caucasus and had moved to Kazakhstan at a young age before coming to the United States several years ago, according to a source briefed on the investigation.

*The violence began late Thursday night when a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer was shot and killed when he responded to a disturbance on campus.

*Another policeman, transit officer Richard H. Donohue Jr., was also shot and wounded overnight. The 33-year-old is a three-year veteran of the force, a transit police spokesman said Friday.

*Within an hour, police were called to respond to a carjacking, which led them on a chase of the two suspects through Watertown.

*The fleeing men allegedly used explosives against police as they were being chased.

*Police have warned Watertown residents to lock their homes and stay away from windows and doors.

*The possible Boston Marathon suspect vehicle found in Boston was unoccupied, and it is being processed for evidence by authorities, Boston police said. The vehicle is a gray 1999 Honda C-RV.*

*The Russia Embassy said President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to President Obama after the Boston bombing offering his condolences and assistance in the investigation. Two suspects in the case are brothers from Russia’s Caucasus region, a source told CNN.

*Taxi service in Boston has been restored, police said. The service had been suspended earlier today because of the manhunt in the Boston bombings case.

*Boston hospitals largely shut down as manhunt goes on.

*Boston Logan Airport said it is open and operating under heightened security. The Federal Aviation Administration’s temporary flight restriction is centered over a law enforcement search site.

*Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says his request for people in the Boston area to stay indoors remains in effect for now. “We know what an inconvenience it is, in Watertown and Cambridge in particular … but it’s been enormously helpful … to law enforcement.”

*The Kyrgyz government said Friday that the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects moved from Kyrgyzstan 12 years ago to the Russian region of Dagestan, from where the Tsarnaev family immigrated to the United States.

“Given that the suspects left the Republic at the ages of 8 and 15, the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan considers it inappropriate to link them to Kyrgyzstan,” it said.

*Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, was registered at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, which ordered its campus evacuated Friday. The school is 65 miles south of Cambridge, just west of New Bedford.

*”UMass Dartmouth has learned that a person being sought in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing has been identified as a student registered at UMass Dartmouth,” the school said in a news release. “The campus is closed. Individuals on campus should shelter in place unless instructed otherwise.”

CNN’s Joe Sterling contributed to this report