Strike: Union, Board to Meet Again Sunday

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — The Strongsville Education Association and the Strongsville Board of Education will meet with a federal mediator again on Sunday at 2 p.m. in Independence.

The teachers union and school board previously met in a marathon session Sunday afternoon and wrapped at 3 a.m. Monday.

At a press conference Friday morning, the SEA announced picketing will be suspended through Sunday afternoon after which they will decide whether the picketing will continue.

Last weekend, the school board revealed a $3.2 surplus in new projected budget numbers.

“The Strongsville City Schools Board of Education has stood behind its last best offer made on March 2 for the past seven weeks. It was an offer based upon the financial information we had at the time. Based upon actual tax receipts, the revenue projections have changed. We plan to use some of these new funds to reduce the general education and pay-to-participate fees. In an effort to bring the teachers back to the classroom, we have updated the proposal to the teachers union as well,” said David Frazee, board president.

The Strongsville Education Association responded with a press release that states:

“In total, the monetary difference between the SEA and BOE offers is less than one million dollars total over the course of the three-year agreement.”

It also goes on to say the catalyst for Sunday’s movement of the board’s last best offer was the district’s admission that their revenues will be $3.2 million higher than forecast during the first half of fiscal year 2013.

“The SEA has known for 6 months that the district was intentionally suppressing revenues to justify their personal agenda. Yesterday’s admission by the board has finally exposed the truth while also giving insight into why they repeatedly refused to settle the contract with binding arbitration,” said SEA President Tracy Linscott.

“They have $3.2 million in surplus, plus $1.6 million that they’ve saved since the strike began — that’s $4.8 million,” said Linscott.

The strike will enter its 8th week on Monday.

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