Ohio Teachers Trained in Case of Shooting Crisis

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Photo from MGN Online

A training video will be sent to every school district in Ohio to arm administrators, teachers and school employees with knowledge in case of a school shooting crisis.

In a press release, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said, “The reality is if there’s a school shooting, teachers, principals, janitors and others who work in that school become first responders. Our goal is to help them plan, train and prepare, with the help of local law enforcement partners.”

DeWine said the video, which is called, “School Shootings: How to be Aware, Prepare, and be a First Responder in a Crisis,” is being used along with in-person training, through the Attorney General’s Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy or OPOTA.

The in-person training and video includes information about what experts have learned about shooters in incidents like the Chardon High School shooting, Columbine and Virginia Tech.

The Attorney General’s Office said the course also covers how to identify potential threats and reduce the danger of deadly escalation.

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