Browns’ Little Wants to Make Big Strides

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Greg Little's vehicle towed by Cleveland Police after Monday morning traffic stop.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Judging by the smile on his face, Browns receiver Greg Little is very much on board with the changes in Berea.

New coach. New offensive coordinator. New way of doing the math.

“I’ve had, you know, 50 or 60 catches for 500 or 600 yards. Maybe 50 or 60 (catches) in this offense is, 800 or 900 yards,” offered the big receiver, and he calculated the effect of playing in an offense that emphasizes taking big shots down field with a big armed quarterback.

In his second year, Little caught 53 passes for 647 yards and four touchdowns. He was criticized for making first down signals and post touch down poses, even in losing causes. And also for drops early in the season. He settled down and was better at catching the football later in the season.

For his two-year career, the ex-North Carolina Tar Heel has 114 receptions and 1,356 yards. He hopes to, within the context of Norv Turner’s offense, improve on those numbers.

He said the Turner offense is a wide receiver’s dream.

“I never played in an offense like this,” he said. “My offense in college was similar to the one last year. I really like how things are going so far.”

He is well aware that this is a make or break season for Brandon Weeden. Free agent Jason Campbell was brought in to challenge the second-year quarterback.

Little said he can come into his own if he attacks his route running, and tries to sell every route like it could be a long pass down field.

“It’s always known that you wanna make everything look like a nine, but Coach Turner just screams it at you,” said Little. “It’s very evident that this is how he wants our routes to be ran.”

Little sees big things happening and thinks this can be a break out season for the Browns.

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