‘Surprising’ Strike Has Garbage Piling Up

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PARMA, Ohio-- If you've returned from work recently and noticed your garbage has yet to be picked up, there is a good explanation for it: your waste management service is on strike.

The garbage is piling up in Parma while Republic Service workers remain on strike.  It has residents living across Northeast Ohio talking trash.

"Total surprise, I knew nothing about it," said Parma resident Sal Lovano.

It's news to many residents living across Northeast Ohio.

"It was a surprising thing when I got home on Monday," said Ron Ramos of Parma. "I'm like what is up with the trash and come Tuesday that is when I come to realize that there was a strike issue going on."

Republic Waste Service, who is responsible for picking up trash in Parma and many other communities across Northeast Ohio, is on sympathy strike to support union members in Youngstown.

"It's a little frustrating; but what are we going to do?" said Ramos.

The strike means trash pickup by Republic Waste is delayed.  In Parma, residents who normally have their trash picked up on Monday weren't serviced until Wednesday.

"I have nowhere to put it, I'm stuck with it, I have nothing to do," Lovano said.

This strike leaves residents with more questions than answers, including what they should do with their trash on the day it is scheduled to be picked up.

"Obviously there are raccoons, cats running around that they always dig into the garbage and it is going to start smelling," said Lovano.

Last week, residents in Parma said trash service was on schedule.

Their plan for next week: "If they don't come today, I'll leave it out tonight and if they don't come tomorrow, I'll take it back," said James Miller of Parma.

"I'm going to do it as usual; put it out on Tuesday night for them to pick up on Wednesday morning," Lovano said.

Temporary workers are being hired to help get the trash picked up.

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