Councilman Miller OVI Arrest Video Surfaces

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CLEVELAND-- Video from the November arrest of a Cleveland Councilman has surfaced and the city leader said he now wishes he would have been more cooperative with police.

Councilman Eugene Miller didn’t want to talk about the specifics of the case since it is still pending; but he stressed that he wished he would have listened to city police when he was arrested.

A police officer used his cell phone to record Miller’s arrest. On the video, Miller can be seen and heard reciting the alphabet and doing other field sobriety tests.  At one point he tells the officer he is a councilman.

Miller, the Ward 10 councilman, was pulled over for speeding. He was arrested after the officer smelled alcohol, and he admitted to having a couple of drinks.

Miller’s citation also showed that his blood alcohol content was .056, which is actually below the legal limit of .08.

Cleveland police, however, said even if a driver is below the legal limit of .08, they can still be charged with drunk driving. For example, the alcohol combined with prescription medication could cause the person to be impaired and fail a field sobriety test.

The specifics of Miller’s arrest have not yet been revealed. Miller is due back in court in May.

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