CLE Holds Briefing on Safety, Security

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The city of Cleveland held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss safety and security preparedness in the city.

It was held at Cleveland police headquarters.

In light of the explosions at the Boston Marathon Monday, Cleveland police have announced that while there were no credible threats to the area, patrols would be increased, the K-9 Unit had been deployed and the bomb squad was on stand-by.

Authorities emphasized that several law enforcement agencies have multiple security plans in place for events that are scheduled in the city. There were such plans in place for the St. Patrick's Day parade, they said, and there are plans in place for the upcoming Cleveland Marathon.

As far as if the security plan at the Cleveland Marathon will change after Monday's events, Police Chief Michael McGrath said "we will probably change them a little bit."

Officials said due to Monday's explosions, there were extra security and K-9 units at Monday night's Cavs game at Quicken Loans Arena, and the same types of resources will be in place for tonight's game between the Indians and Red Sox at Progressive Field.

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Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:41 pm

The press conference has concluded

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:40 pm

Police Chief: Over the next week and month out of Boston, the city may change search/security methods for those attending sporting events other large events.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:37 pm

Police Chief: The city has eight K-9 dogs. Six are bomb dogs. They patrol at the airport, or are deployed at other patrols downtown during major events. They are also regular patrol dogs.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:35 pm

Police Chief, regarding the upcoming Cleveland marathon: We have a security plan. Depending on the information we get from the FBI, we may tweak those plans depending on the intelligence we receive. We “will probably change them a little bit.”

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:33 pm

Authorities: Sometimes texting works better than calling on a cell phone during emergencies due to bad signals and the number of people at large events.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:31 pm

Authorities: If you see something, say something. If it’s something that requires attention…any one of several law enforcement agencies will investigate it.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:30 pm

Authorities: We are well prepared to detect or disrupt any large-scale incident.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:29 pm

Authorities: Vigilance and preparedness is the No. 1 goal for the Dept. of Homeland Security. The department has been planning a large scale safety exercise at Progressive Field, and that will still take place Tuesday.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:27 pm

Authorities: At last night’s Cavs game at the Q, there were extra security and K-9 Units. The same type of resources will be in place prior to tonight’s Indians game.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:26 pm

Cleveland Office of FBI: No leaf goes unturned, it’s been that way since 9/11. It’s going to continue. The community needs to be involved and pay attention. It’s been proven through various events, we are on the same page, we’re going to work together and protect the city.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:24 pm

Cleveland Office of FBI: The collective goal of all of us … is to prevent acts of terror before they occur. To fulfill that mission, we have to be predictive.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:23 pm

Cleveland Office of FBI: The authorities in Boston will work not only in Boston but around the country and around the world to find those responsible for yesterday’s despicable acts.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:21 pm

Chief: Officers undergo regular training … to handle possible large-scale events.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:20 pm

Chief: Planning starts with intelligence. There are security plans for each major event that occurs in this area. There were plans in place for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and there are plans in place for the upcoming Rite Aid race.

Darcie Loreno April 16, 20134:19 pm

Cleveland Police Chief: We’d like to express our condolences to the Boston community and Police Department. Although there is no known threat to this area…we have plans in place should that occur.