Strongsville Town Hall Meeting Canceled

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Strongsville teachers on strike.

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio– A town hall meeting planned for Friday, surrounding the Strongsville teachers’ strike, will not happen.

Strongsville’s director of public safety said the meeting that was scheduled to be held at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Center is no longer happening because of public safety, security and traffic concerns.

The safety director said the meeting coincided with two other events in the area.

Strongsville residents, along with the mayor, were expected to gather for Friday’s town hall meeting.

An AFL-CIO rally in support of the teachers is still on for Friday at 5 p.m. at the Strongsville Gazebo.

The following statement was released in response to the cancellation:

“The organizers of this event are extremely saddened by the decision of the City of Strongsville to cancel the round table event at the Strongsville Recreation Center. This event was designed to give a medium in which to give the people of Strongsville a voice, since all board of education meetings have been canceled since the onset of the strike. Community healing needs to happen now because the divide among the citizens of Strongsville is great. We need to stand together to resolve this and argue with facts not emotions. The round table event was going to be the first step in this process where opposing sides could talk professionally to one another to find some common ground. We are looking to reschedule this event to a later date.”

Teachers in Strongsville are now in week six of the strike.

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