The Download: Groom Shocks Fiancé with Surprise Wedding

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You set a date, and planning is in full-swing. Now, the wait begins.

We’re talking about your wedding.

But what if your fiancé had other plans? What if your groom-to-be sprung your big day on you months earlier than your scheduled nuptials?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Dallas, Texas, recently.

After a series of “bad things” happened to the couple, the groom decided he didn’t want to delay their happiness any longer.

He tricked his beloved into dressing in her wedding gown by saying she’d be taking bridal photos ahead of their months-away ceremony.  But when she arrived at the venue, all of her friends and family members were there!

It was a big risk, but it paid off.

The bride said “yes” to going forward with the surprise “I Dos” and they were married a short time later.

Ladies, if this were your scenario, what would you do?

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