911: Victim Worried Before Murder

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NEW FRANKLIN, Ohio-- Disturbing 911 calls in the murders of a New Franklin husband and wife were released Thursday.

The bodies of Jeffrey and Margaret Schobert were discovered earlier this month by construction workers who were renovating the couple's home.

The men were in the house for several hours before stumbling upon the crime scene.

A construction worker called 911 and said, "We thought they weren't here this morning; cause we were in here doing work; and I just went into the bathroom, and walked by the bedroom and, oh my God, Peg was laying on the ground and Jeff was in the bed."

The construction workers told dispatchers they assumed the Schoberts were at the hospital visiting their daughter, who was recovering after being stabbed.

They described the murder weapon as a sledgehammer.

One of the workers then described a conversation he had with Jeffrey Schobert just the night before. Here's what he said in a 911 call: "He was just talking about this with me last night; because he was worried something like this would happen; because his daughter identified the (bleep) gangbangers that stabbed her."

18-year-old Shawn Ford, who was the boyfriend of Schobert's daughter, was charged in their murders. He pleaded not guilty and remained behind bars.

A 14-year-old suspect also pleaded not guilty in the murders.

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