Public Asked to Help After Cleveland Attacks

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CLEVELAND - People remain on edge after three women were found murdered and another brutally attacked along a stretch of East 93rd Street in southeast Cleveland.

"All within one mile of each other," Cleveland City Councilmember Zack Reed said at a safety forum Tuesday evening.

Reed and other city leaders, along with police, ministers and community activists told a room full of concerned residents they need the public's help to get the attackers off the street.

"If you don't share the information, then our investigations stall sometimes," Fourth District Police Commander Deon McCaulley said.

Jamella Hasan, 37, was found stabbed 15 times near East 93rd Street and Manor on December 17.

"The person that did this to her is still running the streets of our city," Reed said.

Jasmine Trotter, 20, was found murdered in an abandoned home on East 93rd Street on March 24. She was raped and badly beaten.

A few days later Christine Malone, 45, was found beaten and strangled to death.

"Got into a car and then her body was thrown at 93rd and Bessemer," Reed said pointing to a map of the attacks.

One woman, who we are not identifying, survived a brutal attack by a man on East 116th Street and Harvey on March 30 while she was walking to work.

"I felt somebody snatch me by my scarf and drag me backwards," the victim told FOX 8 News last week.

As the man tried to drag her to an abandoned house, a car full of people drove up, yelled, and scared her attacker off, she said.

Community activists want the people who saved her to come forward with information.

"If you have a problem with talking with law enforcement, call us. Call somebody; call a minister and they can call us and we can do what we have to do because it could be you tomorrow. It could be your granddaughter," Khalid Samad, of Peace in the Hood, said.

Police do not believe the attacks are related.

Last week, Jerome Ogletree, 42, was arrested and charged with Trotter's murder.

Police say DNA linked him to her death.

But police believe there are two, or three more men out there who attacked the other women.

Anyone with information is urged to call Cleveland Police, or reach out to a minister or community activist group.

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