Council Passes Resolution Urging End to Strike

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Strongsville City Council has passed a resolution hoping to encourage the school board and teachers union to find common ground and end the teachers strike.

It's now in week six.

Council and the mayor called a special meeting Tuesday night after negotiations with a federal mediator broke down late Monday night.

The meeting lasted about 10 minutes. Council members read the resolution, and then voted to pass it before the meeting was adjourned.

The resolution basically states that the strike is damaging the district, and students are not receiving the highest quality education. The city has provided security for all involved and has even protected personal property on both sides.

The city has no legal authority to intervene, but they said it's time to end this.

"We are 100 percent in agreement with the council's resolution," said SEA President Tracy Linscott. "We want to be back in the classroom, but the board refuses to budge."

The board has yet to respond to the resolution.

Both sides were represented at Tuesday's meeting. The sticking points for the teachers remain the same: working conditions and salary. The median salary for teachers is $69,000. Teachers also want better prep time for class schedules.

The last day for seniors is May 23, unless they have extra testing. The final day for all students is June 5.

The mayor has a roundtable discussion planned for Friday night. No new talks are scheduled with the federal mediator.

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