Cleveland Fire Department Celebrates 150 Years

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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland firefighters celebrate the department's 150th year of service to the community with a tribute at Tuesday night's Indians' game.

For 150 years, the Cleveland Fire Department has been protecting the community.  CFD is only the 12th fire department in the nation to achieve such a milestone. The 1926 firehouse that sits across the street from Progressive Field is being transformed into a museum and education center.

At the museum, you'll see some of the trucks and equipment used to battle decades of fires in addition to plenty of pictures of Cleveland's bravest in action.

"Throughout the 150 year history the Cleveland Fire Department has maintained records and established history of our operations," said Assistant Chief Timothy O'Toole of the CFD.

"It's a fantastic 20,000 square foot facility in a great location and we are going to be primarily about fire safety education and the history of the fire service in the region," said Scott Carpenter, project director of the museum.

The museum will host a picture of one of the worst fires in Cleveland history, the East Ohio Gas Company fire back in 1944.

"That explosion and fireball just rolled throughout their entire community devastating houses and business a total of 132 people lost their lives in that fire," said Paul Nelson a historian at the fire museum.

The future fire museum also once stood as the fire alarm dispatch center for the entire city of Cleveland from 1926 until 1999. Thirteen hundred fire alarm boxes were used to alert the center when there was a fire in a specific area of town.

The Western Reserve Fire Museum and Education Center opens on September 14.