Bald Eagle Missing at Metroparks

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio — A bald eagle is missing from the Cleveland Metroparks.

Trained bird watchers said a male bald eagle that is part of a nesting pair in the Rocky River Reservation has not returned to the nest for several days.

In addition, a dead bald eagle was reported near Interstate 480. It has not been confirmed that it is the same bird.

The female is sitting on the nest incubating the egg, and relies on the male eagle for food.

“The concern is that without the male, the chick won’t survive,” said naturalist Min Keung. “However, there is some hope that if another male comes into the area, and the female accepts him, then there is a possibility the nest could still be successful. If not, the female may leave next.”

There has been a male eagle in the area, but the female has not accepted him yet.

The same nesting pair of eagles has been coming to the Rocky River Reservation since 2009 and has raised four successful chicks together.