April 9, 2013

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Skye LaRae Cooking

We love to start our day off with cooking and Chef Eric Wells from Skye LaRae Culinary Services was here to help! He grilled up the perfect Spring meal of Lamb Chops and Cheesy Grits.

Find his recipe here!



Spring Forward

Bring the bright colors of Spring into your home! Here with great style pieces was Amy Kimes, Manager of Pier 1 Imports in North Olmsted. She encouraged us to embrace brilliant floral patterns, global-inspired finishes, and vibrant colors!



War Horse: Joey

Big night at Playhouse Square! Tonight, the award-winning musical “War Horse” comes to life on stage! The magic of the show revolves around some amazing puppeteers who control the horse named, “Joey.” Check out our video clip to see for yourself!

Tickets to see War Horse start at just $10! You can order tickets online, in person at the box office or over the phone. War Horse is on stage until April 21, 2013.



Audrey’s Sweet Threads

The calendar says Spring, but does your wardrobe? Natalie headed to Audrey’s Sweet Threads inside Eton on Chagrin Boulevard! Audrey’s got even more Spring fashion ideas for you!



Red Berry’s Candy Shop

We’ve discovered a shop in Madison, that’s on a mission to spread sweetness! It’s wall to ceiling candy and chocolate!



One Tank Trip

Strange, but true – there is an entire museum dedicated to cats in Northeast Ohio. Neil takes us to investigate! Click on our video clip!




Gardening 101

Not sure when to plant your tomatoes and potatoes? Just ask Fran! Fran Blank, the gardening guru from Don Mould’s Plantation in North Ridgeville, got her hands dirty with David! Click on our video clip to see the rest of her tips!

  1. Don’t work a cold wet soil. Many of us have clayey soils and if they are worked while wet they can become rock hard. The only solution for “after the fact hard soil” is to wait for the soil to freeze and thaw next winter. The winter action will mellow the soil but this summer your soil will be unworkable.
  2. Why do you always hear that you should plant your onions “as soon as the soil can be worked”?  First – go back to my first talking point about waiting for soil to be workable. Next – Onion growth is affected by day length. Whenever you plant your onions (could be in January by seed or April by set or plant or later) until the summer solstice of June 21, the onions spend their time growing leaves. On or close to June 21, our days are 15 hours long then begin to shorten – this triggers bulbing in the onion. The bigger the set of leaves on your onions on June 21 the bigger bulb the plant can ultimately grow. The bulbs grow from June 21 through the end of July when they are harvested.




Wendy’s Food Drop

Here with some very exciting news from Wendy’s was John Wilse! Wendy’s has just introduced their new Flatbread Grilled Chicken Sandwich! They are only at participating Wendy’s for a limited time so don’t wait!