Church Shooting Suspect Named, Arraigned

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ASHTABULA, Ohio -- The man accused of going to church and killing his own father appeared in Ashtabula County Municipal Court Monday.

Reshad Riddle, 25, of Ashtabula, stood before a judge on multiple charges, including aggravated murder.

The judge set bond at $1 million cash due to the seriousness of the crime.

Police said Riddle shot and killed his father, Richard Riddle, 52, as he was leaving Easter services at the Hiawatha Church of God in Christ Sunday afternoon.

The following is a transcript from the 911 call:

Dispatcher: 911.
Caller: Yea. Emergency at Hiawatha Church.
Dispatcher: What's going on?
Caller: Somebody has a gun. They came into the church with a gun.

Caller: We're in the bathroom.
Dispatcher: Where is he now?
Caller: He's out in the church. Could you get here, please? We need you right now.

Police said parishioners hid under pews and ran for cover as Riddle walked into the church rambling about God and religion.

"The witnesses informed us there were some references to Allah after the incident took place in the church. Praise Allah, things of that nature. We did locate at the church a copy of the Koran. We are also investigating the suspect's personal residence with a search warrant," said Chief Robert Stell, with the Ashtabula Police Department.

In the meantime, the Hiawatha Church congregation remains in utter disbelief over what happened Sunday.

"We are working to establish counseling for everyone involved. We have an event planned Wednesday and a healing service Sunday," said Steve Sargent, associate pastor.

Church officials said they weren't aware of any father and son problems.

In fact, most of the family were parishioners of the church.

"We want all our people to know that we are here for them. And we anticipate healing, spiritually and emotionally from this trauma," said Sargent.

"This was at a church on Easter, and it's just an added tragic aspect of the crime," said Stell.

Riddle will have a preliminary hearing in the next five to 10 days.

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