Dog Finds Hiker Trapped for Days

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MT. RUBIDOUX, California (KTLA) — A hiker is recovering after getting stuck between two boulders on Riverside’s Mt. Rubidoux for days, and he owes his rescue to a dog.

Ramon Llamas told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that he was hiking with his dog, Mole, around 8 a.m. on Monday on a dirt trail off Mt. Rubidoux’s main path.

The 1-year-old German shepherd-chow mix began whimpering, and pulled him over to a cluster of boulders.

There, Llamas said, he saw what he initially thought was a large animal. Then he heard the man’s calls for help.

The 44-year-old hiker told Llamas his name was Paul, and he thought he had been trapped for four to six days.

Llamas said the man was very skinny, and it looked like he had been trying to dig his way out with his hand.

Llamas gave the man some water and flagged down other hikers to call for help, the newspaper reported.

It took firefighters about an hour to free the man from the rocks. He was taken down the mountain in the back of a pickup truck to a waiting ambulance.

He was conscious, but severely dehydrated. He was transported to Riverside Community Hospital, where he was resting and listed in good condition Monday afternoon.

It wasn’t immediately known how the man slipped and became trapped between the boulders.

Authorities said that section of the mountain is not very well-traveled, so none of the hikers who use the trails every day could see or hear anything.

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