3/27: Scarlet Says…Shots, Losing More Teeth and Toys

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Fox 8’s John Telich has a new addition to his family, his puppy Scarlet.

Scarlet has been keeping us updated on her adventures on J.T.’s Facebook page.

Below is her latest update about losing teeth and getting bling!

“Hi. I am losing my teeth and there is one of them. I put them under my pillow and got more toys that I can chew on to lose MORE teeth. Mommy is very smart. I weigh 24.6 pounds and got all my shots. Cuz I got the shots I got my first Bling as you can see to wear on my collar. Soon I will have more jewelry than the Kardashians. I bark more now cuz I have lots to say. Like this whole Sequestration fiasco!! What the Heck??? I am Woman, hear me Roar!!! Okay, take care my friends. Love Scarlet”

See other updates from Scarlet here.

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