Zack Reed Talks Ward Changes

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CLEVELAND – Ward Two council member Zack Reed delivered his 'State of the Ward' address Tuesday evening. But it's not exactly the same Ward Two.

"Certain parts of the ward are going to be changed over and the fact that we need to continue to, the fact that we started a partnership 13 years ago and we need to continue that partnership today," Reed said.

Tuesday morning, Cleveland city council members voted to approve a map that changes the boundaries for most of the wards.

It also reduced the number of wards from 19 down to 17.

"When the numbers are reduced, from a census standpoint, you have to reduce council," said Ward 8 council member Jeff Johnson.

Now, Collinwood will be split into two wards, with Glenville and downtown Cleveland each spilt into three.

All but two city council members voted in favor of it.

Ward 11 council member Michael Polensek voted against the newly drawn districts.

He believes the maps are unfair and were drawn up in secret.

"I believe the map worked at a disadvantage of the greater Collinwood community and greater Glenville community. Glenville will now be divided among three wards, which could have been avoided," Polensek said.

Two fewer wards mean two fewer council members.

West side Ward 16 council member Jay Westbrook is retiring; that means one east side council member will have to go as well.

It will be either Johnson or Ward 9 council member Kevin Conwell, who will face off in an upcoming election.

“I'm running against whoever files their petitions in the new ward 9 and I can`t speak for what he`s doing.  But I will be filing my petitions in the new Ward 9,” Johnson said.

Council President Martin Sweeney said the process was transparent, and he used consultants to help draw the new wards.

The boundary changes take effect January 2014.

*CLICK HERE for the ward maps.

(FOX 8's Gabe Spiegel contributed to this report.)