Is Local YouTube Sensation the Next LeBron?

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MASSILLON, Ohio-- He became a YouTube sensation overnight and many are calling him the next LeBron James.  Jordan Ransaw maybe a trick-shot artist but he's got plenty of game to back it up.  What's most surprising about this kid is not only his size but his age.

"I think of him as the LeBron James of our team," said Chad Fichter, Jordan Ransaw's teammate.

"I'm 6'1'', 245," Ransaw said.

That's right; he's 6 foot 1, 245 pounds and he's an 8th grader at St. Mary's School in Massillon.

"When I was in elementary, I had to get an 8th grade desk," said Ransaw.

Jordan became a YouTube sensation overnight.

"Me and my coach was just shooting trick shots during our school lock-in and I just started making some of them so we just turned them into videos and posted them on YouTube," he said.

Jordan transferred to St. Mary's two years ago from the Massillon school district.  He wanted to focus on his academics.  He knew he had a bright future in basketball, but only if he had the grades.

"He left a handful of great friends," said St. Mary's assistant coach Matthew Heck.  "He came here only knowing one individual and understanding if he puts the work in now that potentially the opportunities for him down the road could be great."

Ransaw averaged 25 points, 13 rebounds and 4 blocked shots this past year.  He scored over 450 points in 18 games this season and helped lead the Bears to a Stark County Parochial League title.

"He's the one that got all the rebounds," said teammate Quinton Heck.  "Without the rebounds, you can't put them back up so I don't think we would have made it to the championship without him."

"He has the ball handling and the court vision of a Kyrie Irving; yet he is playing in a 6'2", 235 pound body," said Matthew Heck.

Jordan has already committed to play basketball next year for the Crusaders of Canton Central Catholic High School. From there he hopes to play for his favorite university: the Ohio State Buckeyes.

"I would like to get out of Ohio and see new places, but I would like to stay at home so I could have my family come watch me," he said.

As far as becoming the next LeBron James and playing in the NBA? Well, that's up to Jordan.

"It's on him," said Matthew.  "It's on his effort, his talent, his dedication and as long as he believes, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to do it."