Fox 8 Recipe Box: Nutella Stuffed French Toast

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From Chef Matt Mytro of Flour Restaurant. (Call for information on their Easter Brunch)

-8 ounces Nutella
-1 lb. Mascarpone
-brioche bread or texas toast
-egg batter (2 eggs whisked together with 1 T. sugar)

1. In a Kitchen Aid (or similar mixer) whip Nutella and Mascarpone together (be careful not to overwhip)
2. Place mixture in a pastry bag
3. Place cut bread down on board (cut side down) so that the thickest part of bread is facing you. Cut a 1 inch slit into middle of bread.
4. Place pastry bag (you can use a ziplog baggie with the corner cut off) into slit and squeeze about 2 T of the Nutella mixture.
5. Coat bread in egg mix evenly. Cook in pan or flat griddle until a golden brown exterior is reached.
6. Serve warm!