Postal Workers Picket: Keep Saturday Deliveries

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Postal workers and their supporters rallied in Cleveland Sunday to keep mail deliveries at 6 days a week, specifically on Saturdays.

The postmaster general said last month he wanted to cut Saturday deliveries starting in August to save the financially strapped agency $2 billion a year.

“We believe it will begin of a downward spiral of going from six-day to five-day and potentially from four-day to three-day. It will weaken the United States Postal Service,” said Daniel Toth, of the National Letter Carriers Association.

Congress may force the postal service to keep Saturday deliveries, but its finances areĀ  dire.

The postal service lost close to $16 billion just last year. One problem is that it’s required to set aside billions for retirement health care, a mandate imposed on no other agency.

Several nations, including Australia and Canada, have ended general Saturday deliveries.

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