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Historic House on the Move

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KENT, Ohio-- It's moving day at Kent State University.  But, no students or people are moving out. It’s actually a historic house that is on the move.

The May Prentice house sits on a flatbed truck poised to be moved about 500 feet closer to Kent State University.

Kent State Architect Michael Bruder said this is actually the second move for the 110-year-old house that was the home of the university's first female faculty member.  "It was originally on the corner of Erie and Willow Street and facing east. And, we're going to relocate it about a block east at the corner of the new esplanade and Lincoln Street."

The Prentice house is among the properties the university bought on Willow Street  to make way for the new college of architecture building. "It's going to be a new icon for our campus. As you come into town it will be the first building you see from this end of campus,” Bruder added.

The redevelopment also includes the extension of the new pedestrian walkway known as the esplanade. Bruder said this was worked out with the city of Kent and will reach the downtown redevelopment that includes a new hotel. “We came up with this plan to make a physical connection with the esplanade from campus to downtown Kent,” he said.

Depending on the weather, it could take the next five days to move the Prentice House into place.  After the foundation and basement are built, it will be moved another sixty feet. It will then be the new home of the Wick Poetry and Writing Center.

Bruder said people should be using the new walkway later this year.

The new College of Architecture is scheduled to be completed in December 2015.

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