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Fan Who Stormed Cavs Court: ‘I Planned This’

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ASHTABULA, Ohio--  "Every time he comes back, I have to see him," said James Blair, 21, of Ashtabula.

To call James Blair a LeBron James superfan is an understatement.

"It started in fifth grade when I saw him play in the state championship. He's a role model to me," said Blair.

Blair has over 30 jerseys and 10 pairs of LeBron shoes.

"I got a full tour of his office in Akron. And on our way out, me and my brother shoes actually worn by LeBron James himself," said Blair.

But, he's never met LeBron.

Until Wednesday, when Blair decided to run onto the court when the Cavs played the Heat at the Q.

"I ran out and was like, 'We miss you, we miss you!'  He's like looking at me and I said, 'We need you to come back. We need you to come back.' And then they grabbed me and then LeBron came up to me and gave me a high five.  He tapped me on the head and they took me out," said Blair.

Blair spent 24 hours in jail.

Friday morning, Blair plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing.

"First, I want to apologize to the Quicken Loans Arena and the security there. They did everything they could. What I did, I planned this out a long time ago.  I waited for the perfect timing so nothing against them. It wasn't like they weren't doing their jobs," said Blair.

He was ordered to pay a $250 fine. He was also permanently banned from the Q.

The Cavs released a statement Friday that reads in part, "We have conducted a thorough review of our security and safety elements and found ways to improve. We will implement those improvements very quickly."

A college student with good grades that has never been in trouble who made a bad decision. "I knew I was going to do this and after it happened, it is out of my hands.  But I cooperated fully and I think that's a big thing in how it all turned out in the end. They realized, I'm not a bad kid. I wasn't under the influence of any alcohol or anything like that. So, I think that played a major factor in how the repercussions came down on me in the end," said Blair.

Blair has since gotten a follow from Lebron James himself on twitter and even a tweet from LBJ, saying, "Brave Guy!"

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