Browns’ Richardson Hit with Civil Lawsuit

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COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns’ first round draft pick last year was hit with a civil lawsuit from two local women.  Trent Richardson is accused in connection with an assault on the women at his home.

Although police were called, no criminal charges have been filed.

"We don't have anybody here that can comment on it," Richardson’s 19-year-old sister told Fox 8 when we stopped by his home.

Richardson's sister says he was not home to comment when we stopped by his house in Columbia Station Friday evening.  Hours earlier, two women filed a lawsuit against the Cleveland Browns running back, claiming they were assaulted at his home in December.

"We have photographic evidence, physical damage done to the front of their car by a big man, we have pictures and medical evidence to substantiate serious injuries to these women," said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Matthew Browarek.

According to the women's attorneys, the night began at a nightclub on West 6th Street.

One of them had dated Trent's brother and both were invited back to his home.  At some point, they were both asked to leave.

According to the lawsuit, Richardson had shouted and cursed that the plaintiffs had disrespected his house by slamming a door.

It goes on to say that Trent Richardson slammed his fist onto the hood of plaintiff Krystal Jones' vehicle, denting the hood, causing damage in excess of $1,500 and placing the plaintiffs in fear for their safety.

The lawsuit then says Richardson shouted, curses and commands, insisting that defendant Sevina Fatu, his girlfriend, come out of the house and physically assault the plaintiffs in retribution for disrespecting Mr. Richardson's house.

"Violence, whether you're an NFL player, whether you're a celebrity, it's not acceptable in any shape or form, it's not acceptable to perpetrate that violence, it's not acceptable to encourage or condone that violence," said attorney Neal Nandi.

The womens’ attorneys say the lawsuit is about justice, not money.

"They may be small in comparison to a big NFL player, but they are credible to us and we're taking that case forward, we didn't put any type of monetary demand to this case, this is for the jury to determine," said Browarek.

A spokesman for the Cleveland Browns says the organization is aware of the situation, but they have no comment.

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