VIDEO: Cleveland Police Officer Attacked

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CLEVELAND-- While the U.S. Justice Department is looking into allegations of use of force by Cleveland police, a video has been released on YouTube that union officials say shows the struggles cops are faced with almost daily.

“The public doesn’t see what our dangers are on a day to day basis,” said Union President Jeff Follmer. “That officer was in a bad situation.”

The video was taken March 10 in Public Square. Patrol Officer Rob Mason was attempting to make an arrest when he became engaged in a physical altercation with the defendant, 18-year-old Trevon Woodson.

Woodson was arrested on a charge of assaulting a police officer.  His case has been bound over to the Cuyahoga Grand jury.

“He was unable to call for help right away,” Follmer said.

In the video, a struggle takes place and at one point the officer is knocked to the ground with Woodson falling on top of him.

“People form around and are aggravated at police and it’s a dangerous situation for us,” Follmer said.  He noted that Mason had placed one female in the back of his cruiser but someone in the crowd let her out.

“The potential of him getting hurt was really good,” Follmer noted.

“I believe these two deserved to be recognized for what they did,” Follmer said. “Thank God they were there. They helped Officer Mason that day and if it wasn’t for them, we don’t know who else would have gotten involved.”

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