March 21, 2013

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Our first guest is spending his weekend on East 4th Street! We welcomed veteran comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco.

See him at Hilarities tonight through Sunday!


Desert Inn

Here’s an easy and healthy recipe! Mark Shaheen from The Desert Inn in Canton showed us how easy it is to make Tabouli. With some extra pita bread and feta cheese, it turned into a Tabouli Pizza!

The Desert Inn is the Real Deal of the week. That means at 9am Friday morning, you can purchase a half price gift certificate on


Couponing with Rachel

Rachel Krych, the Coupon Queen, has returned to help Kristi and other moms-to-be save money!

Baby Deals:

1.  Diapers and Wipes
* Stock up when prices are low and buy ahead
* Price PER diaper not PER package
* 2 current wipes deals at Giant Eagle

2. Clothes
*  Buy out of season clothes (will show recent clearance clothes from JCPenney)
*  Store discounts (Children’s Place, Gymboree)

3. Sign up for discounts or rewards
*  Pampers – Gifts to Grow/ Huggies – Enjoy the Ride (pictures above)
*  Formula Checks

4.  Make your own baby food


Pasta for Weight Loss

Great news! You don’t need to give up carbs to lose weight! Jen Ference from Weight Watchers joined us with some delicious pasta options that won’t hurt your waistline. Try whole wheat pasta (it’s more filling) or Spaghetti Squash!

Check out their recipes here!


Colon Cancer

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and it’s not something we like to talk about…but there are things you need to know. Dr. Matthew Kalady from The Cleveland Clinic joined David to discuss the importance of colonoscopies.

  • A colonoscopy can reduce colon and rectal cancer up to 90%
  • A colonoscopy can diagnose and treat other conditions which may cause problems – diverticulitis, colitis, anemia and others.
  • More Americans die from colon and rectal cancer than prostate or breast cancer.

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