Juror Talks About Death Penalty for Craigslist Killer

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AKRON, Ohio -- A Summit County jury recommended the death penalty for the so-called "Craigslist Killer" after less than three hours of deliberations Wednesday.

One juror spoke after the proceeding.

"The families got some peace now. (Was it a difficult decision?) Very difficult. (What was so difficult about it?) It's a death sentence, very difficult," said juror Dave Martin.

Last week, the same jury convicted Richard Beasley, 53, of killing three men and trying to kill a fourth by luring them to a Noble County farm in 2011 through a fake ad on Craigslist, with the promise of a job as a farm hand.

It will be up to Judge Lynne Callahan to agree or disagree with the jury's recommendation.  Beasley kept his head down during most of the proceeding.

"He deserves the death penalty and I really hope that's what he gets," said Lori Hildreth, sister of survivor Scott Davis.

"A very evil person, very evil person.  He has nothing in his eyes, they're just big holes, and it's a shame people like that are walking the streets," said Davis' mother, Diane Davis.

Scott Davis was the only person to survive and alerted police.  The men Beasley was convicted of killing are Ralph Geiger, 56; David Pauley, 51; and Timothy Kern, 47.

"Just pray for me, pray for Richard, pray for the victims' families, that's all," said Beasley's mother, Carol Beasley, outside of the courthouse.

She had little to say after the verdict, but during testimony earlier in the day, she tried to convince jurors to spare her son's life.  She told them he had a rough childhood and both were abused by his adoptive father.

"Richard was very mistreated by him, I remember shortly after we were married, Richard was riding his little tricycle around in the house and Jim had told him to stop and he didn't get stopped quick enough and he had taken an extension cord and whipped him with it and it left marks on his legs," Beasley said.

Prosecutors say the motive was to rob the men and steal their identities.

Beasley's 16-year-old accomplice, Brogan Rafferty, is serving a sentence of life without parole.

Judge Callahan will announce her decision on whether to uphold the jury's recommendation next Tuesday.

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