16-Car Pile-Up, Crashes Hamper Travel

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Seat belts and airbags were busy Monday morning on the drive in to work.

Dozens of fender benders were reported and a few rollovers caused delays, but there were no fatalities.

In Brook Park, a 16-car pileup angered commuters on the icy Snow Road overpass.

Drivers were transported to local hospitals, but injuries were minor.

In Brunswick, there was a nasty rollover crash. The on-ramps were closed for a while at state Route 303 north of Interstate 71.

In Cleveland off West Schaaf near the Jennings Freeway, a passenger bus slid off an overpass into a garage causing thousands in damage.

It didn't hurt homeowner Mark Whitlock,  who was just about to pull into that garage. He checked on the driver immediately.

"She was OK," said Whitlock. "She was hysterical, but OK. It took us about 15 minutes to move all of the bricks out of the way and get her out, but she was fine. It was just a bad morning."

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