Redeemer Christian is a Cool School!

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Cuyahoga Falls – Redeemer Christian in Cuyahoga Falls is a small parochial school in Summit County based in faith, a sense of family and a strength in academics.

Those are just some of the reasons why it has been voted this week’s Fox 8 Cool School.

Redeemer Christian is known as a great place to grow. From Pre-K to eighth grade, the class size is capped at just 24-students. Seventh grader Dana Lake believes attending a small school is a plus.

"Redeemer Christian is a cool school because here is like a family to each other. It's a great place to learn and it's a great place to grow,” she said.

Chapel starts the day on Wednesdays, where students pray and sing God's praises. While Redeemer Christian is a Lutheran-based school, students are from 20 different congregations throughout the area. "The good Lord permeates the hallways and is involved in every single thing that we do,” Principal Travis Grulke said.

These students get an "A" in academics. They have tested above the state average in all parts of the Ohio Achievement Assessment. Pre-K student Keira Krakor shared what she enjoys the most at school. "I like to do puzzles and ABC’s and I want to read books,” she said.

Half of the eighth graders take high school level Algebra I and Spanish I through the distance learning program. Via the latest technology, a teacher from Lutheran West High School in Rocky River brings the lesson to this classroom.

“We can use these classes for credits for high school to test out of them and be in higher math classes and Spanish classes,” Eight grader Hailey Donatelli said.

Music is the school's strongest extra-curriculum program. 85% of the upper level students are involved in choir or band. "We find that music instills kids confidence and lifelong skills of discipline and it helps there academic standings,” Music teacher Lisa Burnside said.

Redeemer Christian School, home of the Raiders, proud to be this week's Fox 8 Cool School."

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