Singers, Dancers Shine in VGC Idol

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MENTOR, Ohio -- A special group of performers competed in their version of American Idol.

The competition showcases what the contestants can do, and not what they can’t do.

The stage was set and the judges were in place Thursday for the 5th annual VGC Idol.

Performers from Deepwood’s Vocational Guidance Center in Mentor were ready to “wow” the crowd.

The top ten acts competed in the semi-final round for the chance to be the next Deepwood Idol.

It was a day to look beyond the disabilities to see the joy in each performance.

Canesia King was a semi-finalist winner last year.

"It's all about having fun,” she said.

There were solo and group acts.

Christopher Dabson sang and played an Elton John song on the piano.

"And, I'm happy with the talent that God gave me on playing the synthesizer piano,” he said.

Fox 8 News in the Morning Traffic Reporter Patty Harken was among the judges who had the difficult task of deciding a winner.

"I don't envy Nicki Minaj anymore.  It was so hard.  All the acts were really, really good.  Everyone was great. It was all so different -- the singing, the dancing," she said.

Last year’s winner, Jean Gillepse, bowed out of the competition to allow someone else the chance to win, but she performed 'Over the Rainbow' to an enthusiastic crowd.

It was a dream come true for Canesia King, picked the runner-up.

The 2013 VGC Idol semi-finalist winners are Carol Jamieson and Jonathon Wright.

The 2013 VGC Idol semi-finalist winners are Carol Jamieson and Jonathon Wright.

And, with the help of the audience vote, this year's VGC semi-finalist Idol winners were Jonathon Wright and Carol Jamieson.

They sang 'Don't Stop Believing.'

"I'm excited.  Yeah, we're both excited,” they said.

The top four acts go on to compete in the second annual Deepwood Idol competition.

It will be held at Great Lakes Mall near the Macy's Concourse at 2 p.m. on March 30.