Craigslist Survivor: ‘Justice Has Been Served’

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AKRON-- Richard Beasley has been found guilty on all counts against him, including the murders of three men.

A Summit County jury in the so-called "Craigslist murder trial" convicted the 53-year-old on all counts against him.

Summit County Common Pleas Judge Lynne Callahan read the verdicts aloud one by one. The jury found Beasley guilty on 26 counts, including aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, and attempted murder.

They convicted him of killing three men and trying to kill a fourth.

He held his head down while the verdicts were read.

"Justice has been served and that's all I got to say right now," said Scott Davis.

Davis was the lone survivor of what prosecutors say was Beasley's 2011 plot to lure men using a phony ad on Craigslist, to a remote farm in Noble County with the promise of hiring them as a farm hand.  They say he would then shoot them and steal their identities.

Tuesday, Beasley was convicted not only of trying to kill Davis, but actually killing 56-year-old Ralph Geiger, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 51-year-old David Pauley.

"Ralph Geiger did not deserve this. He had a great heart. He was a father figure to me. He was a great person. He didn't deserve, he didn't deserve what he got," said family friend Summer Rowley.

"At this moment, I'm in a great deal of pain," said Beasley's mother, Carol Beasley. After the verdict, she tearfully told reporters that she believes her son is innocent. "My prayer would be that his life would be spared. I've never seen him do a violent thing in his life, but I didn't get to sit in on the trial, and we are a land of laws and juries," she said.

Despite Carol Beasley's support for her son, she says she continues to pray for the victims' families.

"This story isn't about me; it's about the families that have already been suffering all these weeks and I have prayed long and hard for them: the Kern family, David Pauley's twin sister and the neighbor that loved Mr. Geiger so much," said Beasley.

Beasley's accomplice, Brogan Rafferty, who was 16 at the time, was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the crime.

Beasley could receive the death penalty.

The sentencing phase of his trial begins Wednesday, March 20.