Police Investigate Dog’s Stabbing Death

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AMHERST, Ohio-- While an Amherst family is grieving the loss of their beloved dog, Maya, a police investigation is under way into her death.

Sunday morning between 11:30 and noon, Maya was in the front yard of the Danicki family’s home.

They say she was within the parameters of their invisible fence, when a neighbor’s relative approached walking with his daughter and a small white Pomeranian.

Bob Danicki said, “I noticed he had something in his hand, and I wasn’t sure what it was. He just looked really suspicious.”

The father of four decided to watch from the home's front window.

At first, he said the two dogs sniffed each other and then began barking.

But then he said, and police confirm, that the man pulled a knife and stabbed Maya between the back of her neck and shoulder blades.

“She was yelping,” said Bob, “I could not believe it. I yelled for my wife ‘he stabbed our dog.’”

He called police and rushed Maya to the Animal Emergency Clinic, but the 5-year-old Chow-Sheppard mix pup died in his son’s arms en route.

“It was so sad and the kids had to see this,” said their mother Jean Danicki.

According to police, the man said he stabbed Maya because she attacked him and his dog, but police say their investigation showed no injuries to either the man or the dog

Bob said, “I watched the whole thing; she never attacked anybody.”

That night the family buried Maya in the backyard by her favorite flower bed.

A dog, they say was extremely playful and never attacked anyone.

Just looking at old photos of Maya opening her Christmas presents and riding in the car brings the family to tears.

Grappling with the loss has been difficult but they are trying to turn those tears into action and say they won’t stop until they get justice for Maya.

Amherst Police are still investigating the matter. Charges are pending the outcome of the investigation.