Investigation Into Zack Reed Special Treatment

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CLEVELAND –  Cleveland city officials say a jail supervisor did provide Councilman Zack Reed with treatment “outside of protocol” when he was arrested last week on an OVI charge.

Safety Director Marty Flask says a preliminary investigation has been conducted and officials are now trying to determine if the supervisor’s conduct rises to the level of an administrative hearing and possible discipline.

The jail supervisor reportedly allowed Reed access to an administrative office to use a city telephone and allowed him to use his personal cell phone.

Reed said he couldn’t discuss the situation.  His attorney, Anthony Jordan, says Reed never asked for any special treatment.

Reed reportedly used his cell phone three times.

The councilman has plead not guilty to the OVI charge.  This is the third time he has been arrested for drunken driving. He was arrested previously in 2005 and 2007.

The councilman says he has no plans to resign.

He is due back in court March 19.