Missing Westlake Teen Found Near Home

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- The search for a Westlake teenager missing for nearly two days is over.

The girl was found safe right next door to her house.

Concern for 14-year-old Devon Smith of Westlake started Friday.

The eighth grader from Hathaway Brown School had gotten off her school bus around 4:30 p.m., but never entered her home.

"The bus driver confirmed she got off the bus, as well as a neighbor saw it.  Where she went after that, we're not sure,” Lt. Ray Arcuri said.

Cindy Derrick was hoping her neighbor was OK, but worried about her own children.

“What I was thinking is, did somebody come and take her?  Is it safe for my own kids to be out in the bus stop by themselves?" she said.

The search for Devon was called off around noon on Sunday.

Police found Devon under the deck of her next door neighbor’s home. Police said they searched that same area Saturday and Devon was not there.

Derrick was among hundreds of people who joined police on Saturday to look for Devon in the Prestwick Crossing neighborhood.

Westlake Police were assisted by a number of other law enforcement agencies.

"We asked for help from the Cleveland police, the Westlake Fire Department, the Metroparks.  We checked the wooded areas around the home.  We asked for help from the FBI just to get more bodies on this,” Arcuri said.

Police are still assessing the amount of manpower used in the search.

At the time of this report, Arcuri said it was not likely Devon would face any charges.

It is still not known where the teen was for nearly two days.

“I hope we wouldn't put a price on what a person's life is worth, especially one of our kids.  Thank goodness that she is OK.  I'm glad they found her and to me, that's all that matters,” Derrick said.