Teen Arrested in Intimidating Letter over Christmas Lights

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ELYRIA, Ohio– Police in Elyria said a 15-year-old girl was arrested Thursday, for writing an intimidating letter over Christmas lights.

A woman continued turning her mother’s lights on in the front yard, past the holidays to break up the dreary winter nights.

She says she and her mother truly enjoyed looking at the beautiful, colorful display.

But, in February someone left an extremely angry letter in the family’s mailbox.

According to Elyria police, it read, “Please take your d### Christmas lights down.  Christmas and New Year’s have already passed and is no where near.  I’m tired of seein’ that s###.  Don’t make me tell you again. Thanks n####.”

After the teen was arrested, police said she told them she regretted writing the letter. She claimed she didn’t know the homeowner.

A charge of disorderly conduct was recommended to the juvenile court.