Owners React to Death of 8 Dogs in House Fire

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By FOX 8's Roc Woodrum

CANTON, Ohio-- Wednesday night, the Canton Fire Department received numerous calls from residents of 6th Street informing them a neighbor's home was on fire.

“I saw a flash and I heard a boom in my window and I looked out and the house was completely engulfed in flames that quick," said neighbor Tracy Kirksey.

No one was home at the time, but the family's 8 dogs, 4 of which were puppies, were home at the time.

The owner of the home, Tonya Henchcliff, said, "I saw flashing lights and flames, and when I pulled up I saw it was my house engulfed in flames, and I knew when I pulled up that my dogs wern't going to make it. It was just too far gone."

Michael Henchcliff, Tonya's husband, said, “They were young dogs; they were small, Pekingese size. They were little dogs and they were playful, happy beautiful dogs."

Early Thursday afternoon with the family watching, demolition crews began knocking down what was left of the family's home. “If they find them when they clean up, they told me they would dig a shallow grave and bury them for me, but I don't know," added Tonya.

"We were very lucky that no one was home, and that everybody was safe," added Michael.

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