March 7, 2013

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Dress for Your Shape

We started the show off with some weekend fashion! Every woman has some sort of body issue, and today we addressed some of the biggest complaints – thanks to Laurel Howes from It’s So You! The key? Think vertical! Watch our video to see what we mean.



We welcomed Actor and Comedian Dov Davidoff to our studio! See this funny man tonight through March 9th at Hilarities!



What’s a night out without dinner? We welcomed Chris Fazio, the owner of Gizmo’s in Litchfield to the kitchen! Kristi sampled their Corn Beef Dinner Special for St. Patrick’s Day, homemade desserts, and collection of old-time candy!

Better yet? It’s our Real Deal of the week! Log onto to buy a $50 gift certificate at half price!


Colon Cancer

Roughly 1 in 18 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer. A scary statistic, but here to help you make sense of it all was Dr. Ryan Williams from the Cleveland Clinic. According to Dr. Williams, the main reason people develop colon cancer is because they don’t undergo a colonoscopy.

To learn more, visit


Moss at the Movies

David brought us the latest from Hollywood again! This time, the new film, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.” The Mossman sat down with stars, Steve Carrell and Olivia Wilde to learn some secrets!


Sister Act

The laugh-out-loud musical comedy, “Sister Act,” comes to Playhouse Square! We were lucky enough to have one of the “Nuns” in studio with us…and she’s from Cleveland! We welcomed Tricia Tanguy.

Sister Act runs tonight through March 17, 2013 at the Palace Theatre in Playhouse Square.

For Tickets, call 216-241-6000 or visit


Watch Your Language

Watch your language! Ever heard that before? Many times we mean to say one thing, but end up saying another. Here to put us on the right track was Author of “Parenting with a Purpose,” Diana Boggia.

These catch phrases help parents follow through with confidence, which is often lacking when their child misbehaves and they don’t know what to do, especially in public.

Get up and GO, and Talk with a Touch – No need to tell your child to do something 3,4, or 5 times and then get frustrated. After the first directive without response, GET UP AND GO over to your child, provide a slight pressure touch on the shoulder which communicates your presence and the importance of the message. Use a pressure touch for the length of 1 word, such as “It’s TIME (Pressure touch then release) to get your pajamas on now. Would you like my help?”

Say less and do moreapplies here, where I eliminate all unnecessary language such as you need to get your PJ’s on now because you know how tired you get when you get to bed late, and then tomorrow will be a tough day for you……  Say less and do more. Go to your child, offer a connective touch and only say “Let me know if you want my help.”

Remove to re-mediate – When your child is escalating, say less and do more by quietly removing him from that environment and potential audience. Remove to the bathroom, another room, or around a quiet corner where he can self regulate without humiliation, can recover and re-enter with success. The more you remove to re-mediate, without anger, the faster a child will learn what is expected of him and be able to gain self control.

Say what you see: Recognize Listening, Doing and KindnessOffer recognition at least 5 to 7 times per day for these positive behaviors which you want to continue. When you see it, get up and go, give a face hug or a kiss on the forehead or a downstroke on the arm and say “I saw that you helped your brother with…” or ” I noticed you put your dishes in the sink” or “I’m always so proud of you when you listen the first time and do what you are told.”