Dash Cam Video Plays Out in Zack Reed Arrest

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CLEVELAND-- Dash camera video of Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed's stop on an OVI charge was released Thursday.

The video shows an upset Reed. He appears to cooperate with police, but when he gets in the cruiser he can be heard sighing.

He also said, "Unbelievable, unfreakin believable."

The video also shows him appearing to struggle with the field sobriety test.

The councilman was arrested early Tuesday morning after he allegedly ran a red light and made an improper turn at East 9th Street and Rockwell Avenue.

This is his third OVI arrest. He was arrested previously in 2005 and 2007.

Reed did not want to discuss the video. He says he will not resign.

He is due back in court March 19.

To watch an extended portion of the dash cam video, CLICK HERE.