Dog Found Tortured to Death in Shallow Grave

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Photo from Portage APL

RAVENNA, Ohio- The Portage Animal Protective League is trying to get to the bottom of a disturbing discovery.

Tuesday night, police found the body of a dog, left in a shallow grave, near Chestnut and Hazen Rd. in Ravenna.

Humane officers believe the pit bull had been strangled with a TV cable, then dragged behind a vehicle.

They think the dog was no more than a couple of years old and had given birth to at least one litter of puppies recently.

Chalan Lowry with the Portage APL told FOX 8, “When I think about the fact that this person might have children, might have a wife, might have a family, other pets, like who would do that? It boggles my mind.”

Anyone who has information about the horrific crime is asked to call the Portage APL.

Click HERE for contact information.

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