Treats for Troops: 7yo’s Special Girl Scout Cookie Cause

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio-- A 7-year-old Girl Scouts Brownie from Willoughby is on her way to selling a few thousand boxes of cookies, all for a good cause.

Thousands of the tasty treats are being shipped to our troops for a project called "Operation Sweet Appreciation."

7-year-old Taylor Godwin isn't just selling Girl Scout cookies to win a prize; she's trying to get people to donate the treats to our troops, so they can have a taste of home.

"I wanna help our troops because they do so much for us," said Godwin.

Taylor and her fellow Girl Scouts Brownie troop are collecting boxes for Northeast Ohio's "Operation Sweet Appreciation" project.

According to their website, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio sent our soldiers 30-thousand boxes of cookies last year.

So far the courageous cookie collector has already sold more than 17-hundred boxes herself.

"I wanna prove that I'm just like everybody else," said Taylor.

The second grader feels like she has something to prove because she suffers from epileptic seizures and Pituitary Dwarfism - which impedes her growth.

Even though she is smaller than her classmates, Taylor said she works harder because she wants to be treated the same.

"She feels left out so with the girl scouts she don't have to think about that stuff ya know, she's just another girl scout like everybody else," said Jamie Hale, Taylor's mother.

Taylor is close to her goal of selling 2013 boxes this year, so she doesn't really go door to door anymore to sell cookies. Instead she and her mother make calls and send out emails to get people to donate.

"They keep saying that they are touched by like what she is doing that they are so amazed that she is 7 years old and has such a strong drive to do it," said Hale.

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