Students Have Mixed Reaction on Teacher Strike

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio-- Chaotic and confused?

Not so much says Stephen Potter, a junior at Strongsville High School. The day wasn't exactly perfect, but it could have been worse, according to the student.

383 teachers took to the picket lines this morning in an effort to get a better contract. Wage and working conditions are the prime sticking points.

Lyssa Gwinn, a senior said, "There’s kids throwing each other.  Mosh pits.  It’s insane.  They’re telling everyone it’s fine when security is outside and kids throwing each other on the inside.”

Student Stephen Potter added, “To me, I thought it was pretty orderly.  I’d like to thank the administrators for doing a great job of telling us where to go.  They did the best they could.”

Stephen was one of the kids who had the opportunity to leave around 11 a.m. since the board did not have enough qualified staff members in place to teach AP courses.

Potter added, "We need to get some order back. I personally would like to take the AP test in May and I can't do that without an AP teacher. I'm hoping the board and teachers can reach an agreement."

His father, Dave Potter, who has 3 children in the district, wrote a letter to all of his kids' teachers before they hit the picket lines urging them to think about the message that sends to kids.

He believes many of their actions are deplorable-- referring to the bullying type behavior they show toward the substitutes. "If any of the kids would have had that type of behavior seen in the City Square, they would have been expelled," said Potter.

He fears this strike will last a while and it's not the time considering the economy.

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