Suspected Cockfighting Ring Shocks Ohio City

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CLEVELAND – Cockfighting is considered a "blood sport" that pits roosters against each other, often until their death.  Cleveland police say it was going on inside a home in, of all places, Ohio City.

Police responded to a call for possible dog fighting inside a house on West 30th Street Saturday afternoon.

When they arrived, they heard noises from the basement and found not dogs, but roosters fighting.

Charlotte Hardy lives on the street and was shocked to hear about the cockfighting.

“I think it's really terrible to abuse any kind of animals.  I just can't picture it,” she said.

Police say they found two dead roosters and 43 live ones inside the house.  The say there were forty men watching the cockfighting.

“It’s just weird to hear about it happening right next door,” another neighbor said.

People on West 30th Street knew there were roosters at the house, because they had heard them, but, they never suspected that there could be cockfighting going on inside the house.

“I heard them in the morning and often times throughout the day – just normal sounds, nothing ever violent sounding,” the next door neighbor said.

Police say the homeowner was arrested for felony cruelty to animals and gambling charges.

It's not known what charges the other men in the house might face.

As for the roosters taken from the house,  police say they are now at the Cleveland City Kennel until a new place is found for them.

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