Akron Offers Free Building, with a Catch

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AKRON, Ohio — It doesn’t get cheaper than ‘free,’ but we all know ‘free’ is not always what it seems.

That’s the case in Akron, where the city is offering a free building.

It’s known as the Board of Realtors building, located at 405 South High Street.

The two-story brick structure is 5,136 square feet and occupies a city block.  It was built in 1979.

If you want it, let the city know and it could be yours at no cost!

But you’ll have to find a new home for it, and paying to move it is all up to you.

The city needs to build a 250 car parking lot to serve new student housing on nearby property.

Anyone interested in the building must submit a written proposal by Wednesday, March 13.

The proposal must include, but is not limited to:

  • Details of the removal plan, including disturbances and repairs to existing parking lot and amenities, and capping of existing utility connections
  • Proposed job schedule, which must be completed by April 30
  • Cost of the project and financing available to developer
  • Qualifications to perform work


Proposals should be sent to:

James Andrew Hewitt
Akron Engineering Bureau Manager
City of Akron
166 South High Street, Room 701
Akron, Ohio 44308


The building will likely be awarded by March 18 and the new owner will be given full access as that time.

If no one wants the building, it will be demolished.

For more information, call Michael J. Teodecki, P.E. with the Akron Engineering Bureau (330) 375-2336 or email MTeodecki@akronohio.gov.