Township May Make Cuts to Fire Department

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By Fox 8 Staff Writers

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Cuts could be coming to the Olmsted Township Fire Department.

Leaders announced plans tonight to lay off five of the township's 17 firefighters in the next 30 days.

The news blindsided members of the fire department who packed Wednesday night's trustees meeting to show their displeasure with the move.

Trustees say they need to cut the fire department's staffing in order to balance their budget.

"The real important thing to remember is what we began tonight is a process.  Tomorrow morning the same number of firefighters and policemen will be on patrol as there are tonight," said Scott Ross, an Olmsted Township trustee.

"I think it's deplorable.  They're putting budget cuts on the backs of the safety forces. They've known about this coming and they've done nothing to address it," said Chris Jansen, an Olmsted Township firefighter.

The firefighters union is currently negotiating a new contract with township trustees.