Justice for Lucy: Owner Pleads Not Guilty

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SANDUSKY, Ohio — Her dog was shot by a police officer. Now, she’s facing charges.

Donna Hansen, 22, pleaded not guilty to charges of no dog tags and dog at large today in Sandusky Municipal Court. Hansen is not being held, and her trial is set for May 17th.

The situation unfolded last Thursday, when the officer was dispatched to a home on Washington Court, after the U.S. Postal Service notified police that a letter carrier was having a problem with a Rottweiler that was running loose.

The officer reported that when he approached the barking dog with a pole to catch it, the Rottweiler ran back to her owner’s driveway, but the dog then began moving toward him aggressively, and that’s when he shot and killed the Rottweiler. When asked if it was necessary to shoot the dog, Chief Lang said, “I believe it was, yes. I believe the officer felt as though his life was in danger, you know he was in danger of getting bit, and we really believe in officer safety and officer safety comes first.”

22-year-old Donna Hansen is the owner of the Rottweiler known as “Lucy”, and believes the officer could have used other measures to try and capture her dog. “Police officers carry Tasers and stuff, and I’ve heard of even in Sandusky, when they do catch dogs that are attacking or whatever, they Taser the dog to calm down, get a hold of it.”

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