Police Piece Together Evidence in Fatal Hit-Skip

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MADISON TWP., Ohio -- A trip to the store may have led to the death of a Madison Township man.

Police said Joseph Gersin, 28, was found lying on Hubbard Road near Tarbell Avenue around 11 p.m. Friday.

Madison Township police Detective Timothy Doyle said Gersin was a victim of a hit and run driver.

“By a vehicle believed to be traveling southbound on Hubbard Road," said Doyle. "The vehicle is white or cream-colored."

Gersin’s neighbor, Carli Breedlove, said he would often walk to places he needed to go.

He was found not far from his home.

"I would see him two, three, four times a day walking to either the store or somewhere.  I gathered it was the store,” Breedlove said.

The investigation now centers on car parts that were found at the scene. Police hope it will give them the information they need to find the driver in this fatal hit and run accident.

"We believe we have pieces of the bumper left behind,” said Doyle.

Police said paint analysis from the car part may lead to the year, make and model of the vehicle involved. And, it should be obvious it was in an accident.

"We'd be looking for damage to the front end," said Doyle. "If the victim actually rolled up on the vehicle, there would be possibly a broken windshield."

Results of the autopsy report may also give crucial information on how Gersin died.

"Oh, it's horrible. It is the saddest thing, especially since it is my neighbor. People really need to be aware of what they are doing,” Breedlove said.

Anyone with regarding the hit-skip fatal accident is asked to contact Madison Township Police at 440-428-2115.

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