My Town: Hydroponic Greenhouse Opens

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s the size of three football fields and produces nearly 60,000 heads of lettuce per week.

Green City Growers Cooperative opened Monday in Cleveland. It’s a 3.25-acre greenhouse, which grows lettuce and herbs hydroponically, meaning in nutrient rich water rather than soil.

City and state officials were on hand for the event.

The greenhouse will produce three million heads of lettuce and 300,000 pounds of herbs annually to vendors within a 50-mile radius of the greenhouse.

“It is the largest food production greenhouse in a core urban area in the United States,” said Mary Donnell, CEO of Green City Growers. “It’s a high-tech hydroponic greenhouse for growing leafy greens, and it has a very high level of food safety.”

The greenhouse started harvesting crops on Jan. 16.

Green City has hired 25 employees to run the operation. They will become employee-owners of the cooperative business.

The greenhouse is located at 5800 Diamond Ave.